the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

A love story such as theirs deserves a happy ending
For they have met at the rock-bottom of their lives
Out of the ruins of their experiences, hopes spring
That fate is gentle and their good fortune survives
Life wasn’t gracious and there have been challenges
He had untold tribulations in the last few decades
Disappointments and rejections and failed romances
Love affairs gone awry and mischance of all shades
She married young but then her husband disappeared
From her life leaving her with three young children
Now they are grown and she is alone but undeterred
To find happiness in her own little corner of heaven
As luck would have it, quirk of fate or serendipity
Their paths crossed one warm sun-filled summer day
A chance meeting at the boardwalk in Atlantic City
That instant mutual attraction no words can convey
He asked for directions, she said something amusing
Soon they were having dinner and talking up a storm
Like old friends who’ve shared a past and every thing
Their conversation felt easy, comfortable and warm
Months later, the two broken hearts are inseparable
They have found comfort and support in one another
Life’s beautiful, flowers bloom and that’s no fable
They have found love and no one can put it asunder
A love story such as theirs deserves a happy ending
In the sunset of their lives they earned that right
To be happy and content and enjoy all the blessing
That love will bring their way every morn and night
© Vic A Evora   08-11-2014

A love poem I wrote about five years ago. Fictional yes, but I could relate.


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Charlotte B. Williams
over 1 year

Very nice. I love happy endings. They are my favorite.

over 1 year

Thanks for liking Charlotte. Yes, happy endings tell us all is good in the world.

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