O’er the eons rain fell mostly in the plain
And a great blue lake was heretofore born
But the surrounding peaks hungered for rain
Now they’re treeless, barren and forlorn
Yet cast against lake and sky in shades of blue
The snow-capped peaks exude serene majesty
Much like prayerful hands to Him that’s true
In a little corner of nature’s grand tapestry
The blue lake placid under the midday sun
And nary a ripple in its mirror-like surface
Till a tern swooped down, a silver fish won
But tranquility returns, in the afternoon haze!
A beautiful scene; the mountains and the lake
Peace and calm that invigorate the spirit
Be it noon or midnight, twilight or daybreak
A touch of Godliness that we wish to inherit!
© Vic Evora 05-09-2019

It may not be how the lake and the mountain peaks were formed, who knows. But it could be, so there!


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Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Grand scenes of nature exposed when the fire was ignited. Man was in awe and genuflected
instinctively as he murmured something to himself and made the trinity sign -instinctively as well. Such is the power of beauty, that was laid before him, to behold and sing about.

And you did Brod. Beautiful acknowledgment of Godliness. Thanks.Like.

about 2 years

Thank you Brod. One day last week I was singing “The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain” from “My Fair Lady”. I thought what a great way to start a poem. That’s how this poem was born. Glad it turned out to be a testament to God’s glory.

about 2 years

@Nelson: Sim suggested that you turn your comments into a poem. I agree

Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Good imagery, Vic. I can see it all now.

about 2 years

Thanks Robert

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