In seven weeks, centenarian I’d be
But my Lord and Savior’s calling me now
Of this world, I shall be forever free
Unto dust, asleep I’ll be, ‘neath the plow
Till the day I wake to meet my Maker
In the clouds of heav’n where all angels bow
A life well-lived, that’s what I was after
To seek God’s counsel, in all that I do
I hope I have pleased my Lord and Master!
He’s calling me! I see the sky so blue
I see my loved ones; I see them flash by
All my five children, and my dear wife too
With love and a smile, I whisper goodbye
And close my eyes humming a lullaby!
© Vic Evora 04-23-2019

A poem dedicated to my father-in-law who passed away today, seven weeks short of his 100th birthday. May we all be so lucky to live the life he has lived, as a favored child of God.


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