And his universe turned charlie foxtrot
The minute she left, forever AWOL
Verses make no sense; music got no soul
Things out of sync, vanished his Camelot!
The world such a dreary place without her
Morning sky a dull grey, charcoal the night
Where are the happy days? They’ve taken flight
Dusk comes early at noon, sunrise a blur
But in the darkest of nights, stars do shine
Don’t the morning clouds bring nourishing rain?
E’en bad harvests bring the best sparkling wine
And kindness will ease the most searing pain
In the deepest grief he feels the Divine
Uplifting him so he’d be whole again!
© Vic Evora 07-15-2019

Charlie Foxtrot is military slang for a chaotic situation—that is, a clusterfuck. I thought it best describes the loss of someone dearly beloved.

This sonnet was inspired by a quote I read in the book "Kremlin Conspiracy" by Joel C Rosenberg which goes like this: "The darker the night, the brighter the stars. The deeper the grief, the closer is God".

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Then God said “Let there be light.” And there was light.

Thus, there will always be light in all the darkness we encounter.

Like Brod. Beautiful sonnet. Certainly not a CF. :—))

almost 2 years

Thank you Brod. Been away a while. Glad to be back

Barb Clarke
almost 2 years

Indeed, kindness does ease searing pain! Great poem VIC!

almost 2 years

Thank you Barb

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