Cotton Candy

Tantric melody;
Candied lullaby in his head
Sweet emotions overwhelm;
Soporific and hypnotizing!
Melancholy bids farewell
Gloom vanishes to thin air
As passionate dreams beckon,
He hears angels sing!
Visceral sensations;
Visual, aural and tactile
Overrun pleasure centers
Of his mind’s eye!
Silky soothing atmosphere
Emits ambrosial fragrance
And with unsuppressed joy,
His spirit soars in the sky!
Heavenly feelings
Soon as their eyes locked
The first time
That spectacular twilight.
In the fairgrounds,
He’s by the fountain
By the cotton candy stand
She’s a sweet sight!
Smitten, moonstruck, besotted?
Quite an understatement
Swept off his feet!
Head over heels! More likely
Captivated, a hostage,
But happy to be
Future forever altered,
Yet he smiles so brightly!
© Vic A Evora

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