I see my father
Every morning when I shave
He speaks to me
From beyond the grave…
He looks at me
With sad, sad eyes
As if he knows my life
Has been full of lies…
Then I look at him
But myself is all I see
It must be my conscience
Chastising me!
Chastising me!
© Vic A Evora


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almost 6 years

Thank you Barb.I LIKE to think that I have done a lot of good. But I know not enough. It is never enough.I have done foolish things when young, a few unkind things when older. And while I LIKE to think that I have atoned for them, I know I have not been forgiven.I look so much like my father. So it is really uncanny when I look at a mirror and see him staring at me.

Barb Clarke
almost 6 years

Somehow, I think you have done a lot of good in your life and this is what we should pay more attention to. After all this life is not so easy. We are lucky to be loved and more important, to give it.

about 6 years

Thank you...

Robert L. Martin
about 6 years

I've done many things in my life that I'm not proud of. I just try to forget them. Everybody does things they are not proud of. It's just human nature to err. What we do after we err is what is important.

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