The "greenage" or green color in storms does not mean a tornado is coming.
The green color does signify the storm is severe though. The color is from
the water droplets suspended in the storm, absorbing red sunlight and
radiating green frequencies.

As the sun sinks into the horizon
Sullen rain clouds come; dismal, foreboding
Blown by the north wind, the roaring lion!
Baleful portent, the heavens darkening
The green skies foretell incipient storm
Wind speed rising; and fallen leaves swirling
An anxious world hoping will come no harm
As one and all scamper to find shelter
For the sky’s green shade sounds the alarm
Yet thrill’s in the air, despite bad weather
Secret hope the rain will a bounty be
In the storm’s wake, yellow fields of heather
Then sheets of rain, valleys become a sea
As dusk turns to night in the afterglow
And the wind blows hard till the sky’s cloud-free
The silv’ry moon illumes the earth below;
Against the backdrop of obsidian skies
Billion stars twinkle in a cosmic show
Green skies forgotten, the moon on the rise
The storm’s unmourned, the heavens celebrate
Waters recede, it’s time for lullabies!
In the night’s peacefulness morning can wait
But yellow fields of heather won’t be late!
© Vic Evora


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Nelson D Reyes
10 months

Beatiful images.Beautiful green sky. Love it.

10 months

Salamat marami Brod.

This is the last of my “Sky” poems.

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