Is love unspoken, any less intense?
There are many times, words fail
To express all the emotions I feel
Times when words are inadequate,
Rather than convey, words can conceal…
You’ve asked often to be reassured
That I really love you! But isn’t the smile
On my face enough to show my feelings?
A lie I can’t hide, I know not to beguile!
You’ve asked me to enumerate the reasons
For the love I have for you;
As if the longer the list, the truer love will be!
But all I know is I do… I just do
Isn’t it enough that my eyes twinkle?
That my heart beats so much faster?
That there’s a happy spring in my stride?
When first I saw you, and ever after!
Isn’t it enough that I hum a melody?
Whenever you’re around or close to me
Isn’t it enough that I miss you terribly?
When we’re apart and your face I don’t see
Isn’t it enough that I hold your hand?
When we’re together, wherever we go
Isn’t it enough I let you see the tears
In my eyes, when I am full of sorrow?
Ask me not to explain myself
In my heart I know my love is true
Ask me not for reasons why
For I know not … I just do!
© Vic A Evora...


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Sim Evora
about 9 hours

I do, too.

almost 5 years

Thank you so much Zay. Glad people like it. :)

Zaytoen Domingo
almost 5 years

Aah. This really got me. So beautiful

Cory Garcia
almost 5 years

Love this!

almost 5 years

Thanks for liking. Also thanks for faving my other poem.True, it's a bit sappy. :) I've written some even sappier that won't see the light of day. Hahahaha

Parker Jennings
almost 5 years

Hey, I'm not often described as a sap,but this poem made me feel good.

almost 5 years

This is so lovely :)

almost 4 years

Thank you Cher

almost 5 years

This was so lovely :)

almost 5 years

Gracias amigo

Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 5 years

I bet she gave an equally sweet response! Nice.

almost 5 years

Thank you Charlotte.My girlfriend is so pleased with this one. She says it's a break from the serious, gloom and doom poetry I usually write. LOL

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 5 years

Awww sounds sweet. nice poem.

Leesaan Robertson
almost 5 years

Lovely poem

over 4 years

Thank you Leesaan

almost 5 years

I sure hope so.Thank you...

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

That's enough to prove your love. Nice poem

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