Outside, dark and gloomy, almost nightfall
Though afternoon, air stagnant, suffocating
Starling clouds, acrobatic feats mesmerizing
A waiting game for first raindrop to fall
Then, drop after drop came, an endless torrent
As earthy scent rose from the parched ground
Soon inundated, as debris swirled around
Swept in the path of the onrushing current
Sheets of rain from then through the night
As bayous overflowed and rivers crested high
Open fields now lagoons under the night sky
Rooftops little isles and everyone affright
Storm ceased at dawn, winds blew clouds away
And the sun rose in multi-colored grandeur
In the rain-drenched universe, just a voyeur
The world begging Phoebus, come another day!
So, the sun hid behind clouds, east to west
And grey gloom shrouded the world once more
Black birds sat on wires, watching the score
As the earth in mourning, waiting to be blest
But soon waters will recede, fields will dry
When the warmth of the sun envelops the earth
To homes folks will return, they’ll fire the hearth
And all shall be as it was, in earth and sky!
© Vic Evora 05-10-2019


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Nelson D Reyes
alrededor de 1 año

And a good night sleep. The sun as regular as clockwork rises to wake you up.

Nice. Like. Thanks Brod.

alrededor de 1 año

Thanks for liking Brod.

Whatever misfortunes befall us, we can always recover and start anew.

Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 1 año

Always a light at the end of the tunnel

alrededor de 1 año


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