Infinite, limitless, boundless
Continuous, unbroken, incessant
Concepts beyond my comprehension…
Constant, uninterrupted, endless
I gaze at the heavens and I see
Stars, a billion points of light
But what I see not illuming the night
Are galaxies stretching into infinity…
I think about the grains of sand
In the beach; how numerous they are!
End to end, a chain may reach a star
Yet it’s finite; that I understand
If it were infinite, a chain can reach
Far, far beyond the outermost galaxy
And fill up over a trillion earths easily
What’s left becomes a never-ending beach!
Our universe is all-encompassing
We are puny; a trifling by comparison
But we are on earth for a reason
Our existence is not devoid of meaning
Our Maker placed us in this world
To witness His power and majesty
To marvel at His creations; give glory
And praise, when His wonders we behold…
When it’s time to go to our final home
We will fully understand infinity
Limitless, boundless, constant divinity
And for all eternity, His kingdoms we’ll roam!
© Vic A Evora


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J Ann Crowder
oltre 3 anni

I read your comment about poetry elevating humanity. Good thought! I agree, and you do that with this poem and so many others. Nicely written.

oltre 3 anni

Awwwwe! Thank you Jenifer - for the great comments, for liking and faving.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
quasi 4 anni

Beautifully dealt with as was your Eternity. Reminds me of Benjamin Franklin who held and I paraphrase: It is difficult to imagine that space is limitless but it is ten-fold more difficult to imagine that it has a limit... it is difficult to imagine that there is God but it is ten-fold more difficult to imagine that there is no God.

quasi 4 anni

Thank you Ben.

A great quote from Franklin. And so on the mark. It is harder to imagine a cosmos without God

quasi 5 anni

Thanks for loving it, Charlotte. :) :) :)

Charlotte B. Williams
quasi 5 anni

Forgot that I liked this before, but after reading it again, I love it !!!

circa 5 anni

Indeed. Thanks for liking.

Charlotte B. Williams
circa 5 anni


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