A Poem by my Doppelgänger

A deep melancholy
gripped me this morning
a feeling of sadness,
powerless to understand
life’s meaning,
to imagine
my future in adversity
How does one face
a bleak lonely future alone?
How does one confront
the gnawing loneliness?
Will one turn to
a person cold as stone?
Can one survive
without another’s caress?
I’m numb,
I ache,
tears well in my eyes,
as I contemplate
the rough road that awaits me.
How can this earthly life
that started out so nice,
be saddled with anguish,
the blues and misery?
Where is the love
that I felt
not very long ago?
What have I done
that my last hope vanished?
I have no outlook
when I face tomorrow.
My one last chance
for happiness has perished
The future is dreary,
but I must go on.
Perhaps the days will go fast;
life will pass me by.
Perhaps the nights will zoom
from dusk to dawn.
all I have to do,
sleep till the day I die
© Vic A Evora


It was the distant past; another time in my life.

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