The Honeymoon...

Nightfall, on the beach they watched waves explode
On floodlit rocks, as wavelets reached the shore
Their weary feet soothed as the cool water flowed
On white sand; their tired legs begged for more
But it’s getting late so they walked up the steps
On the side of the ravine, going back to the hotel
Only the floodlights, the light from passing ships
And torches on the path, broke the darkness spell
The moon and stars hid behind jet-black clouds
‘Twas a surreal universe, yet strangely comforting
They strolled hand in hand; there were no doubts
The mutual feelings; if only their hearts can sing
At the top of the cliff at the back of the resort
They found a fire pit with the fire in full blaze
No one’s around; they sat close enough for comfort
Warmed by the luminous glow from the fiery rays
The brisk wind howled aloud; the fire crackled
Short-lived sparks flying around the orange flame;
They cozied up in front of the fire pit bedazzled
By the dancing tongues of fire; seemingly untamed
In silence, they reminisced the events of the day…
They woke up late after a heady night of passion
The first night that she’s his wife not a fiancée,
They looked forward to today in anticipation
They had brunch under an umbrella in the terrace
Flutes of fine champagne perked up their palates
Eyes radiating desire that would make one jealous
They tarried yet somehow emptied both their plates
They lingered at the table planning things to do
And opted to spend the morning in the promenade
On the cliff edge, where artists painted the view
In a contest using brushes, chalk or even a blade
So they flew from one artist to another like bees
Go from blossom to blossom taking in sweet nectar
They liked all the artwork but to varying degrees
The one who impressed them; he used chalk on paper
Visually satiated they went down the cliff to the beach
His arm around her waist, they walked in the white sand
Words unspoken; feelings they shared required no speech
And under the mid-day sun he caressingly held her hand
At one end of the beach, they explored rock formations
Exposed by the low tide; they went under the overhang
A shelter from the hot sun, a fount of cool sensations
As she lay beside him in the shade, and her heart sang!
They spent the rest of the afternoon almost in a trance
A chalk-in-paper picture they bought at the awards show
Then early dinner in a café known for an air of romance
And with nightfall, back to the beach beaming and aglow
Now they sat cozily in front of the roaring wood fire
A flawless climax to a perfect day; perhaps the first
Of many days they’d share; their love will never expire
Burn brightly it will; for each other forever thirst
The moon and stars were nowhere in the ebony sky
It was a surreal universe yet strangely comforting
The brisk wind howled, the orange flames rose high
Joy filled the air!  If only their hearts could sing!
© Vic A Evora...


A year ago, I had lunch at the Montage, a resort in Laguna Beach, California with a dear friend. I fell in love with the place and imagined/dreamed of staying there for a holiday. And so I have used it as a backdrop for this love story, which is of course fictional!

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over 4 years

Thank you Mr Moonlight

Mr Moonlight
over 4 years

It felt real to me. Well woven imagery.

over 4 years

Thank you Ingeborg

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
over 4 years

I just love the delicate love and the romance in the air. Vic, what a great poem.

over 4 years

Yes, they still have the art exhibit every year. In fact, we watched the painting contest the day we were there.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I lived in Laguna Beach for a year in 1960. It was beautiful, alright. They had their annual art exhibit in August where the artists sold their paintings. I hope they still do. I don't remember the Montage, but 1960 was a long time ago.

over 4 years

Thanks amigo...

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 4 years

Fertile imagination! Very nice love poem.

over 4 years

Thank you Charlotte

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Beautiful story, beautiful place.

over 4 years

Hahaha! I wish I were.Unfortunately, I don't have the patience to write something as long as a novel. I have written a couple of short stories however.Thank you for the nice words... :)

Barb Clarke
over 4 years

Are you a fiction/novel writer? If not, I think you would be
good at it.

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