The distant hills shimmer in the heat haze
Ruthlessly, the sun shines to burn the skin
The heat suffocates, without and within,
Making shapes fuzzy in the blist’ring rays!
Sweat beads trickle down his red sunburnt face,
All covered, dressed like a nomad Bedouin
Leave he must, but knows not how to begin,
Under a rock he hides from sun ablaze!
Motionless and transfixed; he squints his eyes
Bright light hurts, he gazes at the horizon
Nary a cloud in the featureless skies
No succor from heat; cracked lips taste poison!
And he drifts into stupor, where he lies
Pondering why he’s here, for what reason!
The sun sets; cool breeze comes at afterglow
From slumber he awakens, he can breathe!
Slowly, he stands up from the sand beneath
A half-moon shines; stars on a dazzling show
Atop a hill, he sees molten silver flow -
River the Maker to all men bequeath
As it snakes northward in the barren heath
Borrowed moonlight makes all the ripples glow!
Brutal day’s gone; he welcomes the cool air
New lease on life as night revives his spirit
Darkness appears, the answer to his pray’r
But hush! Creatures of the night may hear it
He prays that the monsters stay in their lair
So blessings of a new day, he’d inherit!
Salvation comes in myriad paths but one source,
Deceivers there’ll always be, to set us off course!
© Vic A Evora

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Robert L. Martin
oltre 4 anni

Nice, Vic

Nelson D Reyes
oltre 4 anni

We need a prolonged respite after a hard day's work. As God is with us all day and all night we still fear the unknown - we worry. Pack of wolves here, hungry coyotes there, mountain lions up yonder, lions licking their paws under the shade nearby - all watching a herd of sheep peacefully grazing under a friendly sun. The same set of predators under a friendlier moon. This primal fear of the jungle predators we still carry in our subconscious selves.

Thank you Brod. Superbly composed sonnets and perfect night and day picture to set the mood. Like.

oltre 4 anni

Thank you Brod for liking!

We have a communal fear of the night. For all the reasons you have enumerated. But to that I say, He was born on a midnight clear, as a popular Christmas carol goes. So surely, something good has happened at night, LOL

I was inspired to write this poem by the phrase "molten silver" which was used in a book I was reading to describe the Nile river as it flows thru the desert. I decided to use the phrase in a poem and crafted this whole story around that phrase. That's how quirky my creative process is hahaha!

Charlotte B. Williams
oltre 4 anni

Enjoyed this I felt the suffering and the relief, God made the day and night on the first day of creation and called everything He made good, but like you said we aquaint the darkness with evil, but God who's sovereign can bring good out of any situation. This felt so vividly real, like you could almost picture yourself in this situation.

oltre 4 anni

Thank you Charlotte. I'm glad you like it.

I really enjoyed writing this poem because it expresses some of my core beliefs. There are many paths to salvation, but only one source - Jesus. I am happy I was able to express that while telling a realistic tale. I chose to write in sonnet format because it is my favorite form of poetry - so restrictive yet so beautiful when done the right way...

Benjamin G. Sangalang
oltre 4 anni

Your poem makes me reflect on the proposition that there are only two things in life: blessings and blessings in disguise! Beautiful piece.

oltre 4 anni

Thank you Ben. Glad you like it.

Hhmmm! That's one way to look at it. I like the optimism...

Mar Japitana
Mar Japitana
oltre 4 anni

@Vic: wonderful piece. You have a beautiful way with words to convey deep wisdom indeed, God is good all the time, beautiful all the time. If he allows evil in the night, that is all part of his creative and grand plan.

oltre 4 anni

@Mar Japitana: Thank you Pareng Mar. I'm glad you like it.

I see that you joined Poeticous, May we see a poem written by you in the future.

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