“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”.
– Jim Valvano.

fathers and sons
sons and fathers
a relationship with unique dynamics
most times rewarding
and immensely gratifying
yet fraught with daunting challenges
and bitter adversities...
when the son is born
the father starts out as the protector
a giant of a man, an Olympian surrogate
and mythic hero
Bellerophon on Pegasus
out to slay one-eyed monsters
fire-breathing dragons
to defend the keep and
safeguard fortress home
to protect the young vulnerable son
in the son’s childhood years
the father morphs into a teacher
Socrates and Plato rolled into one
a philosopher-king the all-knowing
the revered inspiring mentor
who can answer all questions
about any subject under the sun
with unshakeable confidence and authority!
able to solve all the problems
of the universe
be it physics mathematics philosophy
albeit with feigned humility
but then the son grows!
in his tween and teen years
the father is viewed as a bossy taskmaster
with dubious tactics
the reincarnation of Genghis Khan
a sadistic sanctimonious curmudgeon
even a martinet!
just a necessary but unwelcome provider
a meanspirited antagonist
often a bitter rival in the family hierarchy...
but to the father
the son becomes a terrible burden
a grim albatross, a galling yoke
an obstacle to happiness in hearth and home
fortunately the relationship matures
if all the stars align -
in the son’s adulthood
the father becomes an equal
a friend and comrade, even a confidant
treating each other with consideration
mutual admiration society, it’s not
but a relationship of mutual respect nonetheless
this is the stage when the relationship
is most pleasant, fulfilling and comforting!
serendipitously it’s the longest of all the stages
at life’s sunset
the father loses a step and some of his shine!
the roles are reversed
as the father morphs into a dependent
he’ll look to his son, for guidance and assistance
for help in websites, and smart phones and Netflix
hopefully he’s there to give it
as a protector and a teacher
as a good friend, never a taskmaster
fathers and sons
sons and fathers
a relationship with unique dynamics
mostly rewarding
and immensely gratifying
© Vic Evora


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Nelson D Reyes
9 months

Reminds me of Frank Sinatra’s soliloquy song about a son and daughter though you didn’t mention “her”.on this poem
We love our family, nurture and help our children to realizing their dreams and their happiness in life that in gratitude they reciprocate when we get to be “kids” again in our end of life stage.
My latest happy moment with my son and daughter was when they got me a new cell phone complete with a new cp #.

It’s a wonderful beautiful life with a loving family,, an incredible amazing world!

Like. Thank you Brod.

9 months

Thanks for liking Brod. The father-daughter relationship, I find to be entirely different. At least my relationship with my two daughters. And merits another poem. LOL

Barb Clarke
9 months

I only have one son and what you write is true. I remember when my son was a teenager and the distress I felt when my husband and my son fought. Now that my son is grown up, they are the
best of friends. Well done as usual Vic.

9 months

Thank you Barb. Glad they got through your son's teen-age rebellion years.

Charlotte B. Williams
9 months

Yes this is true, you’ve broken it down very well in your synopsis. Enjoyed reading about Fathers and Sons. I thought your wife’s comment was funny. (Smile)

9 months

Thank you Charlotte. Glad you like it. Yes, she told me to pretend I'm a mom. LOL

Sim Evora
9 months

How about of daughters and mothers?

9 months

Your turn to write LOL

Benjamin G. Sangalang
9 months

Makes me miss my son who has become my fitness counselor. Nice poem amigo.

9 months

Thank you very much amigo. So he's your benevolent taskmaster now. LOL

Robert L. Martin
9 months

My daughter is a great person, very kind and giving. She helps me a lot with the computer.

9 months

Hi Robert. I have two daughters as well. Always a delight they are.

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