Shoe Laces and Old Men

Shoe laces and old men, not made for each other
Just one of many truths, recently I’ve learned!
And here’s another; every night’s just like winter
Even when springtime and May flowers have returned,
Our tolerance for extremes severely dampened
No matter how many merit badges we’ve earned!
In the mirror, we look and sigh! What happened?
Our once thick, wavy locks; now thinning and gray
And skin once so smooth, who could have imagined?
The years have been unkind, we pine for yesterday
When we owned the world; there’s nothing we can’t do
Sadly, now our tired old bodies always in the way...
Times, we reminisce; and wish to start life anew
Able once more to tie the laces of a shoe!
© Vic A Evora...


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