The day’s been dreary
Since break of dawn
It poured all night,
Rain clouds still threaten!
The town’s celebrations,
The country fair, the parade,
In all likelihood
Will not happen
It was sudden,
Quite unexpected,
A sunburst!!!
The sun appearing
From behind the clouds
Shooting blazing rays
To the world below
Warming children and all
In the drenched crowds
Smiles lit their faces,
As the ominous clouds parted
Joyful old ladies sang
Hallelujahs to on high
Children squealed riotously
Teens dressed in their finery
High fives from young men
As blue, turned the sky
And celebrations lasted through the night
Till the moon has taken flight
That remarkable day
That happenstance
A microcosm of life,
For during the darkest,
Most needful hours
A miracle happens,
A stroke of luck or serendipity
Illuming the landscape,
With rainbows and flowers
Life is a roller coaster,
Full of ups and downs
Happiness can be transient,
Days can be cursed
But the wheel will turn,
Most assuredly
In the grimmest of days,
Watch out for a sunburst!  
© Vic A Evora


The first part of the poem is a true story from my childhood...

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almost 5 years

Thanks a bunch, Charlotte. I like hopeful poems myself. But my twin brother, my doppelganger, has been known to write really dark poems which I have posted here. :) :) LOL

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 5 years

It's always so nice when the sun appears on a dreary day. Really nice poem, makes you feel happy and hopeful.

almost 5 years

Indeed!Thank you...

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Something good always comes out of something bad. Nice poem

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