The Blue Parasol

She walked in the sunshine in late morning
With her faded blue parasol to shield her
From the scorching rays of the summer sun,
In her Sunday’s best; in days gone, ‘twas nicer
To a place about a mile out of town, she goes
Every day, rain or shine, five and twenty years
So she can be with her love; she misses him so,
And share with him the laughter and the tears!
The children are all grown, and they’ve left town
She’d chosen to stay, to care for her sweetheart
For if she leaves, no one would bring him flowers
And the weeds would grow; she could ne’er depart!
When she got there, dried flowers she put away
And a fresh bouquet she lays by the headstone,
Flowers from her garden; irises, roses, daffodils
She murmured hello, in a loving way all her own!
She sat on the grass, and started to sing softly
While twirling her parasol, faded and blue
A song she sings every day for five and twenty
A love song he sang to her, until he bid adieu!
A faint smile curled at her lips as she reminisced
But her eyes gleamed as a pair of tears fell
Her beloved’s beautiful face, daily she misses
And the emotions within her, she couldn’t quell
Then, she folded her parasol, old and faded blue
Hugged it tight, to touch her heart, never let go
For it was his gift to her, one of many
Alas! It was his last.  Oh so many years ago!
© Vic Evora

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