Decadent, thus tempting
It oozes, like a river
It flows, yet viscous
It’s thick, and rich, and gooey...
So inviting!
How can one resist?
She touched it!  Oh no!
Poked it ever so gently
It swallowed her finger
Oh poor girl,  oh miserable waif
Now she’s lost
Under its spell
Under its control
She put her finger to her lips
She fell to the abyss
The abyss of delight
The evil den of satisfaction
The wasteland of desire
She’s lost
Yet she’s smiling
She’s beyond salvage
Yet she looks happy
She satiated her cravings
For chocolate
Decadent, evil chocolate
© Vic A Evora...


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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Surprise. It's the chocolate! ! You had me going there for a moment.

almost 6 years

Hahaha this is brilliant!!

about 5 years

Thank you

almost 6 years

Hahahahahaha. I know better than to post lewd things in here.Thanks for liking it.

almost 6 years

Thanks Ben. I really enjoyed writing this one.

Robert L. Martin
almost 6 years

That's a great analogy. I thought at first it was lewd until I read the ending, but it was her love of chocolate.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 6 years

Delightful poem. Like the fondue concocted minus some of the usual ingredients, yet no less delectable.

almost 6 years

Thank you for the great comments.You know, I was just playing with free verse at the time. I use different rhyming patterns and use meter to write my poems. You could say that I like order LOL.But one of my friends dared me to write in free verse. And this is my first attempt. I think I wrote only one more since then.Again thanks for liking it.

O.C. Bearheart
almost 6 years

This is still one of the better poems I've seen on this site. It's descriptive, amusing and engaging. Sort of like what Robert graves did sometimes.

about 6 years


about 6 years

addiction! hahaha...good one!

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