Sadly, the bathroom mirror never lies
An old man, three scores and a dime
Stares at him, dark shadows under both eyes
Face wrinkled, ancient like Father Time!
Hair once black, wavy; now sparse and gray
Once sparkling eyes; bloodshot and watery
A charming smile that led virgins astray
Now crooked, rueful, full of melancholy!
Truly, the years have not served him well
All ten fingers hurt, so do both knees
Once fit and hale, he’s now but a shell
Of his youth; simply awaiting life’s release
Yet he considers himself the luckiest of men
For a lady loves him, even with all his flaws
An angel who stands by him time and again
Despite the hardships; and life’s many blows
At times, he feels unworthy of her love
And his eyes glisten when he thinks of her
Of his good fortune; the gift from heaven above
Who came along to save him from disaster
But melancholy remains deep in his heart
Rueful that soon he’ll leave her forever
Sadness visits whenever from her, he’s apart
But smiles are inevitable when he’s around her
In the mirror, the old man stares back at him
The smile not as crooked, the eyes no longer dim
© Vic A Evora

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

Intermission in our lifetime happens a few times. Like in a long movie it’s the time you go get a bucket of popcorn or go down the hall.
We’re here for a short or long run. The longer run we have the more intermissions we get.
The guy you see in the mirror? He needs to go downstairs and get his loved one a coke and popcorn. It’s intermission time! Just make sure you get back to your seat.
Like. Thanks Brod and Happy Valentines to younand Sim. Also to you Robert.

almost 3 years

@Nelson D Reyes: Thank you Brod. Happy Valentines to you and Betsy

Robert L. Martin
almost 3 years

Hi Vic. 3 score and a dime. He's still a young man compared to me. 3 score, and a dime. I am that plus another nine. Is that 79? The old man in the mirror is not so old after all. I enjoyed your poem.

almost 3 years

@Robert L. Martin: Thank you Robert

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