Her red lips curled at the edge of her mouth
The faint start of an impish, playful smile;
With a twinkle in her eyes, mischievous no doubt
She spun a spider’s web, full of deceit and guile!
No chance he had! Alas, not even a shadow
She reeled him in, an unresisting catch
He thought the feeling’s mutual, but sadly no!
For plain and simple, he’s overmatched!
And she took him for a ride, on a roller-coaster
She’s in control, and he’s but a puppet
He’s in love (or was it lust?); the game’s over!
Soon enough his heart and soul both corrupted
For when a man gives loose rein to wild passions
His morals are corrupted, reasoning perverted,
He forgets what’s right, giving in to his base emotions
Straight downhill to a life miserable and deserted
Yes, Samson succumbed to Delilah’s charms
In doing so, he forsook his mission and life’s purpose
Like malleable clay, he cuddled in her arms!
As he bare himself, her spite swam to the surface!
He gave up everything; even his innermost secrets
The wellspring of his strength and power
He told her in confidence, thus exposed his weakness
In no time at all, his life turned extremely sour!
Samson lost his strength, his sight, his freedom
But worst of all he’d nearly lost his soul
Nevertheless in the abyss, he dreamt of Eden
He was forgiven and his spirit was made whole!
For all of us who struggle amid the world’s allure
The saga of Samson is a cautionary tale.
When we give in to impulses and thoughts impure
Our lives are in peril, for always evil will prevail!
Remember, the devil’s agents are all around
Ever ready to entice, convince, inveigle, coax, woo
To keep us off the right path, and hell-bound
Away from our destination, final and true!
Let’s be like Joseph, strong and unwavering
And put on a shield of grace against temptation!
Turn a deaf ear to the world constantly calling
And resist the allure of lust, fame and mammon...
To a slave, the master’s wife was certainly tempting
Bravely, Joseph refused for he feared damnation
Yes, he suffered, but vindicated, regained everything
Uplifted in the end to rule a whole nation!
May we be vindicated as well! Gain life everlasting
Our one and only goal since the dawn of creation!
© Vic Evora 07-26-2016

A poem I wrote a few years back. Going through my files and decided to post it. Not entirely pleased with it, so be nice please


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10 months

and bah! to your "not so sure about it"...easily a favorite of yours of mine

10 months

Thank you so much for faving. Been a long time since I have written anything. It's been a dry spell.

10 months

@Vic: here here...i myself have been having a dry spell...up until a week to dry spells..but i Love this one..

10 months just all I can say...

Malak Alrashed
about 1 year

What I love the most is when a writer challenges my list of vocabs! You do that, to me at least. Love the poem, very enduring and erotic. Bold. Loved it.

about 1 year

Thank you much for the very nice compliment. And thanks for liking/faving this poem

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Since Eve took a bite of the apple mankind had lost paradise countless times over. The apple likewise appearing in as many avatars. A lot of temptations out there!

Like. Thanks rod.

about 1 year

Thanks for liking Brod. As often said, temptation is not a sin. Succumbing to temptation is.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
about 1 year

Nice exhortation in beautiful verses!

about 1 year

Gracias amigo. Our prayers with you and Au. May God’s healing hands be on her.

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