when the truth hurts
we lie
when it’s uncomfortable
we lie
when we are fearful
we lie
perhaps good reasons
even admirable
that’s what we tell ourselves
but sadly we get used to lying
soon we can’t tell when to lie
and when not to
so we lie all the time
even when there’s no reason to
when there’s no overwhelming need
perhaps because we get away with it.
we become so good at it
we start believing our own lies
in the end they become our truth
we argue with others
to defend our version of the truth;
we call them liars and charlatans
traitors and scoundrels
distorters of the truth;
feeling righteous in the defense
of our own untruth!
© Vic Evora 07-30-2020

Someone asked me what I think about Trump. So I wrote this poem.


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Sim Evora
about 1 month

So scary but true" we start believing our own lies that it becomes truth".

Robert L. Martin
3 months

Politicians sure know how to lie, alright

3 months

Yes. And Trump is the very best at lying. No one even close.

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