When We Grow Old

When we grow old, how I wish you wouldn’t change
You would love me just the same, perhaps even more
When my head turns gray, you won’t find it strange
To stroke my thinning hair as you did years before
You’ll hold my hand, gazing at the mountain range
Admiring nature, all those things that we adore...
When we grow old, and I flash that toothless smile
I pray you would hug me, and kiss me nonetheless
You’d accept me as I am with no pretense, no guile
And look at me with love no words can ever express
We’d take our walks by the beach, always in style
With my arms around you; with care and tenderness!
When we grow old, and sadly my eyes no longer see
It’ll be fine; for I’d imagine your face from long ago
All I need is to feel your touch as you stand by me
And hear your voice as you describe the afterglow
The blinding rays of the sun rising from the sea
The beautiful colors of the sunset I used to know
When we grow old, and my memory starts to fail
I pray to God, I’d forget all, but our love affair
For you’re my solitary thrill, till I last exhale
My only joy, as I gasp for a last measure of air
And I pray my last thought, as consciousness sail
Would be your name, your face; my solemn prayer!
© Vic Evora

Written almost two years ago. Wow! Time flies...

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