A rap I had to make in Speech turning out to be somewhat good?

Filled with self-loathing, hatred, anxiety and doubt
That’s how I live my life, feeling in a drought
Always faced with fight or flight
I have to take that fright
Of course I’m gonna fly, that’s all I’ve ever known
All I can remember is feeling like stone
Sitting all alone, hiding in my room
Feeling like I was a mistake from the womb
What am I supposed to think when all I’ve been taught
“You’re worthless, you’re nothing, and you might as well rot.”
They may not say it but I know it’s true
Because as soon as they stop saying something, you know it was you.



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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I bet you like yourself more than you think you do. Keep your chin up and keep writing. You have a talent for it.

almost 5 years

It's awful you feel that way,,,A good poem nevertheless,,, And it rhymes as well, contrary to what you said in your bio, :)

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