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Solomon to Sheba

SANG Solomon to Sheba,    
And kissed her dusky face,    
‘All day long from mid-day    
We have talked in the one place,    
All day long from shadowless noon    
We have gone round and round    
In the narrow theme of love    
Like an old horse in a pound.’    
To Solomon sang Sheba,    
Planted on his knees,
‘If you had broached a matter    
That might the learned please,    
You had before the sun had thrown    
Our shadows on the ground    
Discovered that my thoughts, not it,  
Are but a narrow pound.’    
Said Solomon to Sheba,    
And kissed her Arab eyes,    
‘There’s not a man or woman    
Born under the skies  
Dare match in learning with us two,    
And all day long we have found    
There’s not a thing but love can make    
The world a narrow pound.’

The Wild Swans at Coole. 1919.


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