For her without light,
Never a distraction to choose,
Heaven too will wait
For him with no fight,
It can come to the likes of you.
For her with glazed eyes,
The hopeful ink and lost youth,
For his painted smiles,
Unused voice and empty-handed belief,
And hollow all the way through.
For default pleasures,
For the Never Had, for the Never Could,
Opiate comforts un-inherited, nor assimilated
In a distilled stomach,
Full of empathetic tears which still flood.
For his siege endured
Of bitterness in silent nights,
Searching a void, clutching a broken heart.
For she who smiles at lovers’ embrace,
Yet hopes for hers some other day;
   Walk on, for days of summer are coming soon,
   Depart the familiar ghost,
   A voice is enough to soothe.
   Wake up and go on,
   For a heart that hides is strong.
   Fill the day, brave warrior; with nobody to say
   You deserved to slip away.


For the hope-less and for the hope-full.

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circa 5 anni

I really enjoyed your poem. Stanza three was really well said but the whole poem was guess it just spoke to me.

Robert L. Martin
oltre 5 anni

Nice poem

oltre 5 anni

This one got me ... I love your style and voice

Sarana Conradie
oltre 6 anni

It's beautiful!!

Liza Jane
oltre 7 anni

I adore this

oltre 7 anni

I no longer feel lost..for i too had slipped away.
Great work.

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