I will fail and fall short,
I will be who you want,
I wish you felt this hurt,
I wish I was who you want.
I can’t feel again.
We’re still here in the sun,
We’re still here in my heart,
You can’t hear my heartbeat,
You can’t need me in this part.
I won’t feel again.
The porcelain cracks and falls,
I can put it back, wait and you’ll be new,
I think I’ve lost the pieces,
But I should know how it fits in you.
I won’t let it dull.
And nobody knows I’ve been here before.
And nobody knows I’m here anyway.
The lines have been erased.


This poem is a mess of ideas, and needs to be rewritten.
I dislike it in every way, but I put it here anyway in the hope I can fix it one day.

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quasi 7 anni

I love the feel of this. It's so honest and the disjointed flow matches the emotion behind it so beautifully.

circa 7 anni

For a 'mess of ideas' it's beautiful!

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