In the shadow of hope begs an unheard plea,
Lost and abandoned, where we used to be.
 Please stay, please hear;
 Pleasing all for you, as long as you’re near.
But your mind’s gone, you need a new belief,
I can’t help but wait here, I have promises to keep.
 Give up, given in;
 Give everything I can, until the air runs thin.
Darling, keep yr dreams, find somebody new,
In dark December nights, I’ll embrace the ghost of you.
 Love hurts, love always ends;
 I sleep unadorned, because you couldn’t pretend.


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Danielle Shurley
alrededor de 1 año


casi 5 años

Love it!

casi 5 años


Olga Gavrilovskiy
más de 6 años

These words, they tug the heart strings...

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