Over the river seas,
Through tallest pines,
At different speeds,
A thousand miles,
Imperfection’s will.
Found cherished earth,
Winter rain & summer heat,
Silent walking,
Tired feet.
Beside you everlasting,
Too far to care,
The foolish heart,
The desire’s prayer,
But where are yr dreams?
By secret’s shore,
Lust’s kiss,
Lightening lights a twilight midnight,
Bodies peel apart,
Savour yr taste.
Taking you home
For it’s not long now,
Preparing fears,
Drying yr eyes, collecting tears
For me.
   And in the mornings fled, apathy returns the day,
   A dreaming lover’s loss.
   Now you can be,
   But I’ll stay true,
   So choose without me,
   And you can be you.


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Liza Jane
más de 6 años

I'm in love with this
It's so beautiful

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