A morning bird beckoned me here,
To meet  my angel longing to share.
I felt too shy to gaze at her face,
What charm is there, I can’t trace.
I saw the soft lips with very light hue,
What magic is hidden there, nobody knew.
I craved to touch the wonderful lips,
The bird stopped me to offer some tips.
I stared deep into the skies of the eyes,
I saw there rainbows playing with butterflies.
I craved to move my fingers over the gems,
The bird stopped me to offer  other games.
I looked at the thin pink-colored ear.
It was so lovely with the simple gear!
I stooped to see the type of the pierce,
The bird stopped me, it looked fierce!
I switched my vision to the  golden fleece,
That covered the head of my lovely bliss.
I moved to examine the sparkle of the hair,
The bird stopped me saying  it would not be fair.
With broken heart, I looked at her nose,
I saw with pleasure, it bloomed like a rose!
I opted to get closer  and take some smell,
The bird happily sang and wagged its tail.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

A good story

D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
almost 5 years

A fun easy read, I enjoyed it a lot, thanks.

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D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)

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