I’m always waiting
Waiting for a better life
Hoping that tomorrow will fill in the blank spaces left by today
Waiting for a bad time to come or go
Hoping that good will follow
I’m always wishing for a better tomorrow
With a little hope to lessen my cynicism
I remain stuck in the forever of today
I’m searching for the oxygen of peace
But I’m suffocated by the unrest that is my life
I do not have the energy to run
Nor do I have the cowardice to hide
So maybe I should stop waiting


Sometimes we need to do more with our own hands and stop waiting for things to be done by fates hand.

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Parker Jennings
over 4 years

Waiting for fate is a fate unto itself really

Zaytoen Domingo
over 4 years

I LOVE this. Beautifully said

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Fate is like a slow moving river. Sometimes it seems that it will never reach the sea.

Zaytoen Domingo
over 4 years

I like that metaphor ! Thank you

Leesaan Robertson
over 4 years

Taking action is the best. Waiting for fate to come is watching our life fade away in the dust of the wind.

almost 5 years

Sometimes by waiting, life passes by us unnoticed. Action is a good remedy.

Zaytoen Domingo
almost 5 years

Thank you!

almost 5 years

Nice poem. Take it from an old man. It will come

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