I feel we’re a thousand miles divided
Even though my home is 30 minutes away
I could be sitting on your lap with my arms draped around your shoulders
But we’re oceans apart
We have idle confabulations,
And our “I love you’s” are tepid
I find myself craving the butterflies that fluttered when our eyes met
But now I solemnly scrutinize your impassive face
Prospecting the wraith of someone I had so convincingly fallen in love with
And now Only the memories
of our togetherness can create the fervent beating of my heart
which used to skip at the sound of your voice
or the touch of your hands against mine
And As I look upon a familiar stranger
I just pray that our “forever” won’t be ephemeral
Like the momentary spark that arises  
when I think back on
when we used to be in love...


A lost flame doesn't mean it can't be relit, it means you need a new candle.

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