We grow up with walls built around ourselves.
Within these walls,
Lie everything we’re accustomed to
—what we know
—what we’ve been through
And through the windows
We see parts of the world
That we are yet to know
A cropped image of greater things:
People, places,
Experiences beyond our imaginings.
We step foot outside
Into unfamiliar territory
To experience love, adventure
And attempt to absorb all the World’s glory...
Before heartbreaks and chaos
Cause us to retreat
back into the comfort of our walls again
Where concrete arms of safety,
Hold us from pain
Until fear subsides
And we let open the door
To allow ourselves to step outside
Into the world, once more.

We grow up with certain mindsets and certain habits, until we leave out comfort zones and experience new things. Sometimes change can be scary and we tend to avoid it. But the world is much bigger than the walls we build around ourselves.

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over 4 years

It was worth waiting for a poem from you. Lovely poem.

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