You’re trying not to think about what went wrong.
You’re listening to every single word of your favorite song.
Your tears are falling down.
You can hear every car pass or even the slightest sound.
You’re so sad your trying to get  home.
Because your girlfriend/boyfriend left you and told you that your on your own.
So now you feel all alone.
So your trying to hurry
But you’re eyes are getting blurry.
Your mind is going crazy.
And Your body getting lazy.
Because of all the pain.
And all a sudden it starts to rain.
It’s coming down hard and it’s getting insane.
Then you start thinking to yourself am I to blame.
Am I the reason for all this pain and emotions  smacking down hard on my brain.
How can people go threw this and stay sane.
Because All you wanna do is go insane.
               All you wanna do
                By Aaron Austin

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