I have tried and I have surely failed
I will not stand for this betrayal
No consideration for this gift
Thrown away with the rest of the myths
I’m not afraid to say
They’re all lost to me
There’s no way to return
As far as I’m concerned
They’re long gone
Won’t desecrate my sacred trust
Just for a worthless man’s lust
Stand against waves moving upstream
Grab hold of the would be redeemed
I haven’t given up
But I can’t do this any longer
None of them have the guts
Nor the heart to simply heed the word
That cross is pointing to life
But these demonic lies
They never truly belonged
And if nothing else
I will take the ass’ jaw
And send them back to Hell
I can’t save you...

I wrote this one in one day, which is usually rare for me.

In a nutshell, this poem is me. This is me. This is how I think. This is what I believe about society and the fallen people that refuse truth so passionately.
I consider myself a Christian extremist. This poem is evidence of my extremism.

To be honest, I don't feel like I have reached anyone and I just kind of don't see it possible to reach very many people when I consider the time period we are in.
Since day one, civilization has long since betrayed God. They do not care for their lives the He has gifted them with, doing whatever they want with their lives as they see fit. They've tossed God over their shoulder like He is a useless piece of trash, which He is not.
I am not afraid to admit that I believe those that truly and wholeheartedly defy their Creator are utterly lost to the darkness of this blackened world.
I will not abandon the friendship and trust that me and God share just for the burning lust for sins of mankind. When I say "worthless", I mean that the LUST is worthless, not man.
They are like salmon. They continuously attempt to swim against the oncoming waters. Some, many in fact, are successful and are able to push the current of truth that God is pushing toward them. We need to get ahold of their attention because there's still a chance they could be redeemed.
Now don't get me wrong, I will never truly give up on them. But sometimes there's people that just do not desire to listen to anything you have to say and reject your help. Sometimes the only other thing you can do is just step aside and let them figure things out the hard way.
When I say "that cross", I do mean the literal cross that Jesus was crucified on.
When I say "demonic lies", I mean sin in general as a whole. All sin is demonic. It was never truly supposed to exist in this world.
When I say "take the ass' jaw", I mean it in a sense of getting an ignorant and stubborn person's attention, like attempting to control a naturally stubborn donkey, otherwise known as an ass.
When I say "send them back to Hell", I don't mean the people, I mean the sins of the people, or, the "demonic lies". We as Christians need to make these people aware of these sins and help them get rid of them from their lives.

The final line of the poem, "I can't save you...", is true. We as humans cannot save another human from their sins. God is the only one that can truly rescue someone from the darkness. We don't need to be looked upon as some high and holy people that can save the world from evil. We are all human, just like them. God saved us, not anyone else.

This may seem like quite a harsh and aggressive poem, but I believe sometimes the truth needs to aggressively taught if we are to truly reach out to the lost.

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