Credit to Edgar Allan Poe for the use of "Nevermore"

Darkness has crept into my soul
I feel I’m a modern Edgar Allan Poe
His raven has become my muse
Though this darkness I did not choose
But with it my pen shall flow
And continue the crazed mind
Of Edgar Allan Poe
See, love became a madness
For our two souls
A love that was taken
How it left us shaken
We thought love would be forever
Yet darkness soon did sever
So love has become a forsaken lore
That is why our raven screams


Poe is my favorite poet of all time, The Raven is my favorite of his works. I wanted to pay a slight homage to Poe and The Raven for its impact on my writing. I wrote this a while back and so it may not be the best writing but it was fun.

Poe, raven, Nevermore, love.

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Tyler Steven Clark
alrededor de 6 años

Really awesome style

Adam McCloud
casi 7 años

Awesome! I'm so glad you like it!

Alexis Faye
casi 7 años

I think this is my new favourite of your's Adam!

Cory Garcia
casi 7 años

Nonsense :) Its very cool and you are claiming your voice... :)

Adam McCloud
casi 7 años

Thanks brother! I know it's not the greatest but it was fun.

Cory Garcia
casi 7 años

Very cool!

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