By African Child

Enchanted by his gracious charms,
I lose myself in him.
Engulfed in the moment of pure bliss,
I lose my step and fall to him.
This creature of nature empties me,
completely ejects the life out of me.
Exasperated, I’m on my knees and heed
His soul with mine now intertwined,
we dance the seas on love’s decree.
Reliantly surrendered to one another,
we embrace the waves that permit our
sway and surpass the billows that row
our way.
Our rhythm is sweet, the heart skips a
beat. Clouds seem to gather in envy of
our voyage. Determined than ever, we
sail through the rain.
Forever and ever we swore we would be .
forever and ever so it shall be.
Away we sail on love’s decree, across
the seas my love and I.

Inspired by Charlotte Williams dedicated to my dear husband.

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J Ann Crowder
about 2 years

Very real and emotional. The flow is so nice! Loved it!

African Child
about 4 years

Thank u Charlotte and you're welcome. You are a very big inspiration to me.

Charlotte B. Williams
about 4 years

So beautiful, and it makes me feel so happy to know I was an inspiration, Thanks for making my day with this beautiful poem.

African Child
about 4 years

Thank u Inge

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
about 4 years

Wow, that is a powerful testimonial. What a lucky couple you are, to be envied ! Thank you so much for sharing.

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