Snowflakes see the power in numbers
They understand with just one they won’t make no sound but in numbers they can close entire towns
Snowflakes understand the power of unity United they fall but together they stand or lay on top of one another lifting each other up not afraid to be on the bottom cause it all adds up
Snowflakes seem so harmless and they are by themselves but together their power is multiplied and it’s justified cause it’s just human nature and covered in wealth
You can not argue with human nature
Do you not see in that the major danger
Snowflakes resemble peace as a thin white sheet that covers the earth until the thin white sheet causes havoc in the streets
The only thing Snowflakes haven’t learned yet to overcome is heat
Because they burn into water only to evaporate or exaggerate time for a later date where their plans to dominate the world are unfurled
Snowflakes are beautiful in fact ALL would agree Snowflakes are inscrutable
Hard not to feel delusional when snowflakes coming at you miles a minute with no apparent limit
Snowflakes make their human friends institutional but because they’re human nature it’s excusable which I guess makes its suitable
Snowflakes know that in numbers their power becomes unlimited and its legitimate
You can be illiterate and still be able to elaborate on the power of snowflakes
Some people call them headaches
When I was younger I’d make slushies out of snowflakes
That was before I knew they were just full of acid
When the sun come out the efforts of Snowflakes are slanted
They may keep coming back stronger with each storm but there’s one form they can’t perform in
And that’s in singles but snowflakes like to mingle
White angles that take lives they simply can’t reframe from heat and getting burned to a pulp
Their  magic trick is making everything just disappear so clear
You will never catch snowflakes in the act cause they self-destruct into thin air
Snowflakes tear holes in the atmosphere leaving no face no case no trace when they come reap hell and then  jail… To everything under it. Laying on top of objects taking credit for creating the shape they landed on
Shapeless and tasteless
shameless and aimless
when you’re Snowflakes you get to face less and fall as you please cause the world is under your grip and or whip
Cause snowflakes can be quite controlling causing everything that don’t look like them or stem from human nature
to change their plans I think it’s time human nature stood together to stop letting Snowflakes bully the world they think they founded
Snowflakes witnessers we don’t have to be prisoners

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