In my dentist waiting room worrying about what was to become,
as I was sat there looking glum.
Then my name rang out as the assistant with a wide smile shouted out.
So I walked down a hall to a small room, was this going to be my doom.
The assistant with long black hair chatting cheerfully to lift my despair,
The dentist arrived with a smile on his face and examine my teeth what a disgrace.
The dentist asked if I cleaned them alright. I said no they hurt all night.
With that he started to extract, then drilling and filling had only just begun,
he worked and worked it started to hurt I move rather quickly with a jerk,
then the dentist said did that hurt you I said it was quite painful.
The dentist said lift up your hand if it hurts now I am feeling like a berk,
Couldn’t’ stand the pain any longer my hand lifted the mood was somba.
The dentist couldn’t work any much longer and said next time your going to be stronger,
an injection he said would make it less painful now can you leave please while I move my table, another appointment was ready and made then I left rather quickly like a fast getaway.
Ten years later feeling much stronger unlike my teeth I am beginning to wonder,
this new dentist is quick off his mark extracts my teeth the holes are all dark,
then without a doubt nice pearly white false teeth in my mouth.
No more pain any longer it’s really great and the teeth are much stronger.
© Copyright 2013 - 2014 Allan Robinson


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