I am going for a walk would you like to come along,
We can have a laugh a joke and do it just for fun.
It’s a little place called Keighley Tarn I walk it all the time,
You can come and walk with me now that the weather is fine.
So we walked along the pathways up the hills we had to climb, just to see the Tarn. Are your legs starting to ache? Mine do when I climb the hills they do it all the time.
As we walked to the Tarn as happy as could be the wonderful views around us is all green fields that we could see.
We arrived at the Tarn a man made lake up there; we stopped to have a breather in this afternoon fresh air and this wonderful sunny weather.
The ducks were swimming in the tarn lots of different colours and look there are some ducklings swimming with the mother.
So its time to head back home down them hills we came.
We just got into the house when it started to rain.
© Copyright 2014 Allan Robinson


A walk to a beauty spot where I live in Keighley west Yorkshire

tarn, Keighley

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