Forever in your debt I see
Crying while you’re up on me
Earlier that night I drank
My bitter heart it tasted great
Look in between the lines
You brought to me that glass of wine
Alone and confused - you’d forgotten me
But I can’t forget you, you see
What you did to me that night
Has caused me to not be able to trust
I can’t set my drink down at a party
I can’t walk the streets alone during the day
I’m out of mind because I can not think
This is my fault? But of course it is
I could’ve stayed home but instead I went out
Shame on me for having fun

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rambling woman
almost 6 years

Damn. Damn. The only thing that I can say to this, because I can't find any worthy words is to say I really like the line "my bitter heart it tasted great". You managed to make something really dark wry and shine a light on our double standard society.


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