My baby girl who had evenings of nightmares

For my baby Aeron,....
As you fall asleep our child,
May your slumber be deep,
For in this night your dreams will come,
And so too shall the secrets that they keep.
Although some dreams in this quiet night,
May come to you in fear,
Know that your mommy will be holding you tight,
And your daddy will be always near.
From the darkness comes light
Either which way,
Fear not our sweet child,
For along comes the new day.
So in the sunshine of this new dawn,
And knowing that there is fun to be had,
The darkness has gone away now my child,
You no longer need not be sad.
Another dream will come in this night,
Of this we are quite sure,
May it be filled with sunshine and puppies?
And may our love for you be your cure.


Hoping that she dreams of things that babies should dream of....

Aeron Joy, Daughter, Bad dreams, Sleep well baby girl

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