Swimming deep within the double helix
D.N.A. coded gene pool of hybrid swine.
Lies within the precursor, Luciferian, and
the divine.Tethered to 21 grams of ghost
is a heretic masterfully infused.A bird, a
snake, and a rat....depending on which
persona you wish to use.Technology
advances, yet your brain lies dormant,
hardboiled within a jar.All you know
is what your told, and what you tell
doesn’t seem to go that far.So my little
human friend, how much is 21 grams?
If you cried out for salvation would
the Tetragrammaton, really give a good
God Damn?So in the words of your fabled
creator I speak into your void and say
let there be light.For this duality my
father calls free will, there’s little
reason to fight.

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