Twelve midnight, a streetlight on my face..
A deadly game of cat and mouse, my prey
I will erase.My body is the vessel, within
the evil waits.I smell your flesh from down
the block....I’d die for just a taste.
The reasons for this hatred are too numerous
to count, but the ends justify the means as I
feel the tension mount.Glorified violence,
desensitized my core, unified with a broken
sense of justice, now this bloodlust can’t be
The time at hand has come for this, vengeance
delivered swift.The code of silence never keeps
the secrets behind your lips.I’ll take my time in
in death’s design, and soon your eyes will see....
the reapers scythe on this cold dark night, tearing
a hole through the fabric of eternity.
Outside your abode I now wait, patient, methodic,
and presice.Another way to hold your silence
simply would not suffice.So here I am to take
what’s mine, no loose end left untied.No time
left for you to justify another wasted life.
As I cross the threshold... I feel the urge to laugh.
I know deep down....when you’re in the ground
you will truly be my better half.No need to argue
with, the urge, the need to kill.By denying you
your exsistance... You make mine altogether real.

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Guiseppi Gambini
over 2 years

C.R.Stranger...Hey thank you for the kind analysis of my poem.I quit posting to Poeticous 2 years ago.I didn't have many followers,and ads took over the platform.I will definitely look at your blog.

almost 4 years

I don't read too much darker poetry on this site...its great to be able too...thats more alike to my style in some ways...and then others that I don't put up ...I really liked this...that last verse just kicked....not just interesting material but styled well ...faster paced ...and intelligent rhyming...Its not that i try to write dark stuff..its that its a part of life so seldom seen under the light of a poet..and a part of life all the same to deny it would be a shame..its not all I write obviously but def. what i enjoy the most writing.It can take you to such depth.....I like to investigate all the darker psychological problems and deeds of people...anyways i could go on and on...but id never stop on all the reasons i like to explore the deepest parts of human psyche ..and themes such as revenge and you know all the might like the one i wrote on a criminal being buried alive...ill be following you for sure.

Guiseppi Gambini
Guiseppi Gambini
over 2 years

@C.R.Stanger: Antonio Rodriguez here.Thank you for the notice ing of (loyal to the soil)I will definitely give your poetry a read,and critique.
Stay in touch with your poetic muse,and remember to match ink to paper.Online is free to plagiarism

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