Not much to write, but I have so much to say! I'm 19 years old with a heart that is only getting bigger. I love this world and only want to make it better. Writing for me is something I just started in January of 2015. I moved away from my home country to the Dominican Republic where I am with my other side of my family. Only speaking a little spanish has made me think more than I talk. So when it comes to my writing, it is all for a message. Something I enjoy very much. I've liked writing ever since I received an A+ in my English 12 class in high school. Sounds goofy. I'm a graduate of 2014. Beloit, WI is where I hold my building grounds inside of me. I can talk forever if you give me a chance. Yes, RESPECT is everything with me. I love showing love to people. You can't bring me down. Lift me up instead! Always give a message in writing. It's just the feeling of wanting the same in return.