I am woman.
Hear me roar.
Not the teenage girl,
I’ve grown to be more.
Stronger from your years of pain.
Stronger than your evil ways.
From the depths of hell,
I have crawled out of.
I shall fear you no more.
From the gates of insanity and death
I have been driven.
I am not afraid of the fight
I have to take.
For I am woman.
Hear me roar.
The tears on my cheek,
See how they pour.
No longer for fear of losing you,
I need something more.
To love and have lost
They say, is far better
Than to have never loved at all.
But was it love?
Wiser from your years of abuse.
Wiser than your selfish ways.
Yes I am woman.
Hear me ROAR.
Not the girl,
Who shutters and shakes.
Secure I stand.
Secure. I won’t fall.
Back into your lies,
Your manipulative ways.
Freedom from the bondage of self.
I am strong,
Freedom from the bondage of you.
I’ll stay strong.
Together WE stand to fight for it all.
I am woman.
Fear my roar.


I am woman, fearless, victim, strength, courage, Freedom, hope, faith

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