Plagued by Madness

My self-control I’m losing
You’ll find it quite amusing
This Love is so confusing...
My heart feels like it’s puking.
Too much time has wasted
A sweetness that was tasted
It’s so damn hard to face it...
I miss you; I can’t shake it.
These memories are fleeting
I see you when I’m dreaming
It’s only YOU I’m needing...
In despair and seething.
I’m not sure this is trusting
It feels too much like lusting
As thoughts of you start rusting
My soul is close to...


Written while obsessing over my past.

love, heartbreak, rhyming

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Cory Garcia
Environ 6 ans

Lusting 1o1...
Welcome back sister poet :)

james matthew coleman
Environ 6 ans

I can relate to this extremely well.... Happy Birthday T!..... (I know it's bit late, but what the hell (:)

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