To the world

Dark days of a cloud upon thier head..and our bodies shook with a thunder of chaos, threating to take its very essence of survival.
And in our hearts beating as one..dreams of a deaf hope, and a deaf victory... theres not much of a sweet reverie, but a discrimination of its beauty and foreigness.
But ears fall on deaf ears... no sound... yet a sound cracks through your mind with a deaf eyes, and a hand gave birth to a spoken language.
As the hands displayed upon the air, filling the air with might. Yet so steady with such hunger and passion and a promise of a revoultion and rebution..
For i am deaf...
And i have deaf ears.
But a deaf eyes filled with caution and waryness.
Yet, a deaf lips spoke of an equality.
For its beauty and its skilled hands weave through the air with psychedelic movement.
Because i am deaf..
For my deaf eyes spoke of secrets and the forbidden.
But i am deaf.
And you are deaf to the world... blind to the
And a mercy of none is created.
And a warrior of souls soldiered on.
Weathered by the predjuiced.
Deaf and proud.
And human.
Yet, barrier knows no bounds.


this poem that is also posted in my facebook notes as to save my writings..and to share with you all..

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