“Late In Time”
I found you
Before you came my time
Was running...
I was lost
My prosaic destiny
Found another  way.
And  lets made a rod
 We’re  we crossed
No place to go.
Now you’re here
And now I know just where I’m going
No more doubt or fear
I’ve found my way
Your  love came last time
You found me late  in time
And changed my lonely life
You make alive.
Now you’re here
I’m don’t know have to do?
I don’ know what to you thing?
Is mean to me anything...
No more doubt or fear
'I have something
Your love came just in time
You found me late  in time
And changed my
I was so happy
having meat,
And know you arrive ...just late in my live.
Carlos Alberto Castro Blanco
Puerto Ordaz 01/03/2015 8.14 pm

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Carlos Alberto
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"Late In Time"

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