All gratitude to Hitler
When people hear Adolf, they solely think of him
Bastian, Menzel, and Dassler are seldom remembered
Despite their being great men
Once a beautiful name
Claimed by German families, for generations
The name, Adolf, is now associated with death
Thanks to Hitler’s war of nations
To these family’s devastating chagrins
The sacrilege, of the name, only grew
Hitler’s posthumously causing problems
Even though he died in World War II
We remember the name for all those killed
Yet, still it yields disgrace
If you’re lucky enough to have the name
Be as proud of it, as of your race
My grandfather was an Adolf
And the legacy stopped there
Hitler dreamt of a perfect race
Composed of the blue eyed and blonde haired
His vision of a perfect race never came to be
But he managed to ruin a perfect name for a family
How could a man make these regulations?
When he, himself, met none
The coward killed himself, in the end
When the war was won and done
Why he took his own life, remains a mystery
I suppose he saw imperfection in the mirror
Then put himself out of misery
Hail to Hitler, he killed millions of people
And ruined the dynasty of a name
I hope he enjoys rotting in hell
For that was the price of his fame

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