Despite the contradicting struggles, she claims her love is still pure
No matter how hard I fall each time, I still do my best to endure
Her devious decisions and mordant moves always leave my heart devastated
Though, once time passes, she pins the fault on me
Asserting she is the one being hated
Peers say I’m weak or even at times foolish, for always crawling back to her hand
For her, the deception then coaxing me back is as easy as molding wet sand
There comes a time, when a foot must be put in the ground
And a new leaf must be turned
True love can only be obtained by happiness
Over time this is what I have learned
Coming to grips with myself and governing my confidence
Those profound glories were the ultimate means to my end
I made a choice with another girl
For once, looking out for myself, even though it meant I had sinned
Pawns convince themselves that they too must surrender to a sin
Believing that these atypical actions are the only ways, in life, to ever truly win
Charlatans constantly dish sins out, but cant bear them when they’re taken
Pawns’ alternative sins, dealt in return, give charlatans a taste of being forsaken
Charlatans cheat and pawns fall apart
It’s a chaotic colossal catastrophe
Pawns succumb to adultery, drinking, and suicide
While charlatans live eternally in agony
One sin leads to another in the same manner as a chain link fence
But an alternative sin does not remedy the former
This much has always made sense

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